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Queensland is the best state to enjoy water spots as it is home to popular coastal cities like the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Queensland is home to numerous beaches and the Great Barrier Reef, so it is a hub for wonderful water sports and activities. If you are in Queensland, you can enjoy all year round because most coastal places and river cities have some or other event planned. Thus, you can snorkel, go on boat cruises, fish, and do a lot more. Most reputed water activity places in Queensland have safe and modern equipment and vehicles. Additionally, they provide multi-level water activities training and experiences to allow everyone from different walks of life have a coastal adventure.

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Renowned for a vast coastline, Queensland is blessed with plenty of waterways suited to boating. You can enjoy boating with your family and loved ones at the top of our destinations, including The Great Sandy Strait, The Whitsundays, and Moreton Bay. We have a wide range of boats that we provide our customers as per their requirements and budget. All our boats are of the highest quality, with powerful engines and advanced equipment. So, you can expect a memorable trip with your loved ones. All you need to do is inform our executives about your requirements. They will suggest the best possible option in terms of size and budget.

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We can help you arrange a half-day charter boat from Airlie Beach so that you can reach the right spots to catch cod, trout, mackerel and other tropical reef fish. Leading Queensland companies like one offering business for sale Brisbane, book with us for complete team.We can help you arrange a half-day charter boat from Airlie Beach so that you can reach the right spots to catch cod, trout, mackerel and other tropical reef fish. Also, learn fishing techniques from us. We offer team discounts to them.

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If snorkelling is on your bucket list, then don’t miss the day trip from Cairns. Discover spectacular and beautiful outer Great Barrier Reef locations along with the marine life. We can organise your Snorkelling activity at the most reasonable price. The best way to discover this iconic Great Barrier Reef is by snorkeling with our experts. Join our day trip for Cairns and explore the shimmering blue waters of this reef. You will get to swim alongside over 30 species of marine animals like turtles and sea cows and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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Half-day Cruises

Do you want to experience a half-day catamaran tour to explore Queensland’s beaches? Visit Whitehaven Beach for swimming and enjoy quality time with your family. It is one of the best beaches in the world and the most beautiful ones in the state. Different business houses like BCIC (offering end of lease cleaning in Melbourne) book our cruises for their teams on holidays. Thus we are overbooked & you require to make pre-bookings to avail these services.


The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

It is undeniably one of the most iconic, most diverse and stunning places on earth. Expanding from Cape York in northern most of Queensland down to Bundaberg on the central coast, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system across the world. It has more than 2,900 individual reefs and around 900 islands.

Within its stretched area, you can explore a unique range of habitants, marine species and ecological communities- which make the Reef world’s most complex natural ecosystems. Here are some interesting facts we have gathered for you:

  • The reef is stretched 2,300 kilometres along two-thirds of the QLD coast, and it can be seen from space.
  • There are over 400 coral species and thousands of marine species- making it more vibrant and colourful.
  • Explore more than 1,600 fish species, 3,000 molluscs species, 215 species of bird, seven species of marine turtle, 30 whale and dolphin species and much more.
  • Swim with Whales on Norman Reef, Watch a shark feeding at North Horn and see the beauty of coral system via scuba diving.

If you want to experience this, give us a call and we will organise everything for you. At River to Reef, we have been organising events, water-based activities, boating, fishing, etc to let you explore the beauty of Queensland’s most renowned rivers and the reef system.

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What We Offer

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You can join River to Reef and get detailed information about our water-based activities and upcoming events in Queensland. Our services include:

Recreational Boating
Recreational Boating

In partnership with local port/water authorities, we offer safe and improved recreational boating activities throughout Queensland. People across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Townsville, and other parts of the state contact us to enjoy boating and other water-based activities.

Catch the Fish
Catch the Fish

Fishing is a great way to relax your mind and share quality time with your friends, family and loved ones, especially if you love catching fishes. At River to Reef, we can help you find ideal spots, such as Moreton Bay, Great Sandy and Great Barrier Reef Marine parks to unveil your fishing talent.

Snorkelling & Diving
Snorkelling & Diving

Diving or snorkelling underneath the ocean’s surface and experiencing a colourful marine world is possible in Queensland’s marine parks. From sleek dolphins to ancient sea turtles, majestic whales to vibrant coral reef and tropical fishes, discover the underwater ecosystem via snorkelling and diving.

Jet Ski Adventures
Jet Ski Adventures

Being a renowned tour company, we cater for all groups, ranging from backpackers to couples and families. You can discover more about the Jet Ski adventure packages which includes hopping from island to island, sunset tours, twisting and turning over the coastline while enjoying spectacular view on the Gold Coast.

River Cruises
River Cruises

River to Reef gives you can opportunity to explore the morning cruise, afternoon cruise and sunset on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We represent the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise rivers and canals. You can sit back and enjoy the spectacular views along with delicious food and beverages.

Surfing Experience
Surfing Experience

Queensland is best known for its surfing. It is an integral part of the Australian culture and we will help you find top surfing destinations in QLD. We also provide surf training and assist people to explore the beauty of our waterways and marine life.

Our Testimonials

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Water-based activities, such as boating, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and water sports are especially for people who love nature. Here are some of our renowned clients who have shared their experience:

Thank your River to Reef for making my Scuba Diving experience a memorable one. It was in my bucket list for more than 5 years. You provided me with right information and also arranged everything within a short timeframe.


Gold Coast, QLD

We have recently shifted to Gold Coast and my kids wanted to explore the recreational boating activity. We contacted River to Reef and they organised everything within a week. Thank you again for creating unforgettable boating experience for my children.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

Fishing is one of my favourite recreational activities, and I love exploring new places, such as Marine parks, etc to discover new fish species. A team at River to Reef helped in finding ideal spots for fishing across Sunshine Coast.


Townsville, QLD

Exploring the heart-stopping underwater world was my dream. With your guidance and prompt service, I got an opportunity to witness the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, a beautiful coral system and thousands of marine species from my naked eyes.

Thrilling Water Sports

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If you love beaches, rivers & the Reef and want to get your adrenaline levels spiked up, then water sports in Queensland are perfect your you. Here some adventurous sports you can try:

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Kayak Surfing

The most joyous and adventurous sport in the paddling world.

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The most joyous and adventurous sport in the paddling world.

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Water Skiing

Get ready to ride big waves and sail freestyle.

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Paddle Boarding

You need two skis and enjoy high speeds and water waves.

Chase the Waves!

We are one of the leading companies in Queensland offering guidance,
information and water-based activities to explore your fun side with us.

Our Team

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We are backed by a team of professionals who are highly experienced, skilled and adequately trained. They help you in every possible way to ensure you get the best water-based trips. The experts are always willing to go the extra mile to give you complete satisfaction.

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Arthur Bell

He is a passionate and experienced recreational angler and part-time fishing guide. During the past 10 years, he has discovered recreational water activities for you.

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Ariana Cameron

She is our lifestyle presenter and associated with us since 2013. Her passion towards exploring new locations, underwater life and water sports helped us a lot in assisting our clients.

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Patrick Kelly

He has been working with us since 2012 with the same dedication and passion. He loves boating, fishing and snorkelling. His approach towards life makes him a great leader.

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